Terms and Conditions, Happy yoga Amsterdam
K.v.k. nr.66813905
Established Brouwersgracht 226A Amsterdam


1.1. Happy Yoga Amsterdam is established at Brouwersgracht 226A ,1013HE Amsterdam. Happy Yoga Amsterdam is registered in the trade register under number 66813905

1.2. Happy Yoga Amsterdam will from now on be indicated here with the shortening HYA.

1.3. General Terms and Conditions: these general terms and conditions used by HYA can be found and downloaded on the website of HYA: www.happyyogaamsterdam.com

1.4 Participant: the person who uses a yoga class, personal guidance, treatment, workshop, training or any other product or service from or at HYA.

1.5 Member: participant with a registered membership

1.6 Subscription: contract for attending yoga classes at HYA. Issued or issued by HYA and paid or paid monthly by a member by direct debit.

1.7 Rittenkaart: a certain number of pre-paid yoga classes, to be followed at HYA by the participant.

1.8 Calendar month: period from the first to the last day of a month, for example one (1) to thirty-one (31) January.

1.9 Subscription month: period from the day the online payment process is successfully completed until the same day of the following month, for example from twelve (12) January, the day on which the online purchase took place, until twelve (12) February.

1.10 Website: the website of HYA: www.happyyogaamsterdam.com

1.11 Workshop: a workshop, other than a yoga class, organized by HYA.

1.12 Training: a training, other than a workshop or yoga class, organized by HYA.


2.1. By participating in a yoga class, workshop, training or by using another product or service from HYA, the participant agrees to the applicability of the General Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions apply to all memberships and, where applicable, to the monthly cards, travel tickets, some lessons, trial lessons and all other products and services from and to HYA.

2.2 HYA has the right to change these Terms and Conditions from time to time. The most recent and current version of the General Terms and Conditions is always available on the website. Any changes to the Terms and Conditions will be announced in advance by newsletter.


3.1 Lessons can be followed by the participant with a season ticket, a trip ticket, trial lesson or single lesson. These are always strictly personal and not transferable. If the participant does not make use of the right of participation in the classes, there will not be a refund in any way.

3.2 When the payment process is completed successfully, membership is established.

3.3 at the participant’s discretion, HYA gives the following memberships: subscriptions, ride cards, trial lessons and single lessons

3.4 A monthly subscription can be started at any time in the month and is made through an online purchase via the website. The subscription starts from the moment the online payment process is completed successfully. The online payment process agrees to a direct debit authorization that goes into effect after the first subscription month expires. These months are of course only the monthly rate of the selected subscription. The subscription is continuously up to further notice.


4 Subscriptions

4.1 Month Subscription
With a moth subscription the participant is entitled to 1 yoga class per day, as long as the membership runs. After the expiration of each subscription month, the subscription is tacitly extended. Payment takes place monthly by direct debit.

4.2 Termination Subscription

The request to terminate the subscription must be made for the fifteenth (15th) of the current calendar month by e-mail to happyyogaamsterdam@gmail.com to take effect from the first (1st) of the next calendar month. This means that the subscription will no longer be renewed from the first (1st) of the next calendar month.

Restitution of tuition is not possible.



5. Rides map

5.1 5x Rides Card
The five (5) Ride card entitles you to five (5) yoga classes and is valid for two (2) months. This period activates from the first followed yoga class. Payment is made in advance and at 1x per Ideal via the website or per pin in the studio. Unused lessons will lapse when the period of two (2) months expires.

5.2 10x Rides Map
The ten (10) Ride card entitles you to ten (10) yoga classes and is valid for three (3) months. This period activates from the first followed yoga class. Payment is made in advance and at 1x per Ideal via the website or per pin in the studio. Unused lessons will lapse when the period of three (3) months expires.

6 Pilot Lessons

6.1 Trial Lesson
Every future participant has the right to follow a (1) Free trial lesson. If a participant wants to try out several lessons before concluding a membership, the participant can use a ride card or the one-time trial lesson arrangement.

6.2 Trial Lesson Package
The trial lesson package entitles you to two (2) lessons. The package is valid for fifteen (15) days and is given once per pupil. The period activates from the first followed yoga class. Payment is made in advance and at 1x per Ideal via the website or per pin in the studio. Unused lessons will lapse when the period of fifteen (15) days expires.

7. Membership changes

All other changes to the membership, such as changing the account number, must be made ten (10) working days before the expiration of the current subscription month by email to happyyogaamsterdam@gmail.com to effect The next subscription month. Changes mentioning less than ten (10) business days prior to the new subscription month will impact after the expiration of the next subscription month. The current data will remain in effect for the next subscription month and the change takes effect the month after the subscription. Restitution of tuition is not possible.


  1. Workshops

9.1 After the participant has signed up for the workshop and the payment process has been successfully completed, the participant’s place is guaranteed.

9.2 Cancellation of participation may take up to forty eight (48) hours for the scheduled workshop free of charge by subscribing by email.

9.3 If the participant reports within forty (48) hours before the scheduled workshop, no refund of registration fee will take place.

9.4 HYA reserves the right to cancel a planned workshop without giving any reason. In this case, the participant will receive the full registration fee.

9.5 on the website of HYA is always the current workshop timetable. HYA reserves the right to change this schedule at any time.

10. Sickness, pregnancy or force majeure

10.1 In the event of a demonstrable injury, long-term illness or unforeseen circumstances, it may be decided, and only in consultation with HYA, to suspend or terminate the membership for a certain period of time. In this case, the participant must contact us by e-mail via happyyogaamsterdam@gmail.com. Suspending takes-when granted-as long as necessary for the recovery of the participant, with a maximum of twelve (12) months.

10.2 It is in no way possible to suspend retroactively or to return money for a period in which no lessons have been followed.


11. Payment and price change

11.1 When the payment has been completed successfully, the participant can participate in the yoga classes according to his or her subscription or ride card.

11.2 If the payment is not made, Yoga vibes B.V. reserves the right to refuse access to the lesson to the participant.

11.3 Current prices for subscriptions, ride tickets, trial lessons and single lessons are listed on the website. HYA reserves the right to change prices. If this is the case, these changes will be announced in advance by means of an entry on the website


12.Booking/Signing up for yoga classes

12.1 Participant must register via HYA website to be able to participate in a yoga class. Reservations can be made from one (1) week in advance. Up to three (3) hours before the start of the lesson, this can be cancelled free of charge via the Cancel button on your account. Cancellations made later than three (3) hours in advance are not accepted. The lesson will then be charged, which means a decrease of one (1) lesson on the Ride card, Trial lesson or single lesson.

12.2 Cancellation of a lesson can only be through your account on the website of HYA, not by phone or e-mail.

12.3 When a participant 10 min before starting not yet present can the lesson be given away.


13. Class Schedule

The website has the current class schedule. HYA reserves the right to change the class schedule at any time. If this is the case, this will be announced in advance on the website.


14. Holidays,holidays, cancellation

14.1 HYA reserves the freedom to be closed on (festive) days. In this case, this will be announced in time and in advance in the studio, on the roster of the website and/or by mail

14.2 Holidays and holidays are already passed on in the subscription prices.

14.3 HYA reserves the right to cancel a planned yoga class or to have the relevant lesson given by another teacher. Under no circumstances will the refund of membership fees take place.

14.4 during a longer closure (one week or more) due to illness, or unforeseen circumstances, the validity of the card is extended by the number of weeks that no lesson can be given.


15. House Rules

15.1 HYA asks all participants to respect and observe the following House rules.

  • Wear easy seated clothing. Prevent unhygienic body odors and excessive perfume use. Do not use body lotions or creme’s.
  • Shoes are not allowed in the room.
  • Food is not allowed in the yoga room.
  • Drinking is only allowed in the Yoga room in the form of water in a well sealable drinking bottle.
  • Participants may make use of their own yoga mat or a mat made available by HYA. If used is made of a mat of HYA, the participant must always clean and tidy the mat after use.
  • Respect other participants and be quiet and quiet on arrival and departure so everyone can enjoy his lesson.
  • Telephones should be stopped at the start of the lesson or preferably completely out. This is to enjoy the lesson as well as possible and not to disturb other participants.
  • At the start of the lesson, the door of the yoga room is closed. Please be present 10 min before starting.
  • The best is to not eat more than 1.5 hours before the lesson.
  • HYA takes the (physical) integrity of the participant seriously. No form of sexual or sexual behaviour is tolerated by HYA.


16. Own risk and liability

16.1 damage caused by the participant or not intentionally or by improper use to property of the yoga studio of HYA should be reimbursed.

16.2 HYA is under no circumstances responsible for damage and/or loss of property of the participant, nor for any form of bodily injury before, during or after classes.

16.3 HYA facilitates high quality lessons. Despite that, there is always a chance to incur injuries. By participating in a yoga class or workshop the participant accepts this risk. Participation in the lessons is entirely at your own risk. HYA is in no way liable and/or responsible for injuries suffered.

16.4 HYA advises participants who are under the treatment of a doctor to ask the treating physician for advice on any limitations and pass it on to the teachers. Our teachers are not trained as medical practitioners or therapists.

17. Applicability

18.1 These terms and conditions apply to all agreements with HYA concerning participation in classes, workshops, trainings or other forms of services, training, counselling, coaching, treatment or counseling in the broadest sense of the word. These general terms and conditions are governed exclusively by Dutch law





HYA collects personal data from the participants for keeping track of its file, for carrying out payment orders and for the administration. HYA handles this collection of personal data carefully and processes it within the framework of the applicable laws and regulations, including in any case the laws and regulations in the field of data protection, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG).