How nice you came to visit my site !

I will introduce myself briefly. My name is Rachel Turk and i’m a
passionated yoga teacher and founder of happy yoga Amsterdam.

Eight years ago i started with vinyasa lessons. This yoga style had a
big impression on me, because it made my body become stronger
and more flexible. Not just my body changed, but also i became
more concious and gained more energy. After hours of training and
following different workshops, i developed such a big passion for
this style that i decided to follow a vinyasa teacher training of 200
hours with DNYS and a 500 hours training with Svahayoga.

Soon i realized that giving the lessons gave me even more
satisfaction than following the lessons .

With a lot of passion and plessure i give already for 4 years lessons
to small groups as well one to one lessons and from time to time i
move to the south of Lesbos to give yogaretreats to small groups.

Now my dream comes true. Since oktober 2018 i open my own
Happy Yoga studio in the heart of Amsterdam where i will teach

My lessons are for all levels, if you are advanced than you will be stimulated to make the lesson in one smooth flow.
Are you a beginner than there is all space and time to create your own flow
and get to know the basics of yoga.

My lessons are powerfull and positive my goal is to train your body strong but flexible at the same time. Most of all it will rebuild your energy levels .

See you at Happy Yoga Amsterdam!